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Leather Wallets, Purses, Credit Card Holders and Note Pads Hand made in England

We make luxury Leather Wallets, Purses, Credit Card Holders and sundry other luxury personal leather goods to order by hand in England.

Our luxury Leather Wallets, Purses, Credit Card Holders and other items are truly bespoke, being made from your choice of leather (please see our Leathers Page) and your choice of Lining (please see our Linings Page and choose your lining from our Satin or Silk ranges of great colours).

All our luxury products are custom made to either our design or to yours making them truly bespoke.  Please have a look at our Bespoke Page for more information about items made to your design.

Choosing the Leather and the Lining means you can easily match* your Wallet or Purse to your Credit Card Holder or other item(s).  You can even have "his 'n' hers" matching Wallets and Purses.  Matching made easy!

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury now and then so if you are having trouble buying a gift for someone, or just want to treat yourself, what could be better than a bespoke Wallet, Purse or Credit Card Holder?

Perhaps a leather pouch for your phone or Music Player?

Or maybe a leather Note Pad Holder?  (Don't worry we can supply replacement pads when they get used up).

How about a leather Pen Holder to protect your favourite (and perhaps valuable) writing pen?  It also makes it easier to find it in you bag.

We can also make leather Cheque Book Holders.

Just tell us what you want and we'll hand make it in England from your choice of quality leathers and linings.

Please see our Gifts Page for details of our complimentary gift service.

Because our items are custom made to order and because they are all handmade they are virtually unique.  There are nearly 500 possible Leather / Lining combinations alone! Your family or friends won't have anything similar (unless they have the good taste to commission one of our items)!

*Wherever possible we will ensure that your entire order is made from the same hide.  However, leather is a natural material and slight variations in colour and texture may occur between one part of the hide and another.

email: simon@luxuryleathergoods.co.uk
tel:+44 1945 860354
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