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How we make

The title pretty much says it all - they are individually made in England by hand!

Of course there's more to it than that.

If we are working from your design we have to work out the number, shapes and dimensions of the sections of leather that we will need.  We then make a dummy from card to enable (we hope) anticipation of problems that may occur when assembling.

If we are working to our design we already have this information.

Then we cut the pieces we need from the leather hide you have chosen.

Next we have to Skive (thin) the leather where required so that folds and seams can be as neat as possible.  This is not for the faint-hearted.  The blades are very sharp and a moments' lack of concentration can easily spoil the leather.  Back to the start, do not pass "Go"!

Where necessary slots are cut for Credit Card pockets and Panels are removed to make Photo Frames.

Then the lining pieces are cut to shape and size and fixed in place with glue, which also stops edges fraying.

Now the item is ready for assembly.

The pieces are first glued together, then, when the glue is dry, they are pierced to take the waxed thread used in the sewing process.

Sewing, like everything else in the process is completely by hand.  Two needles are used so each stitch-hole is used in both directions giving a neat and very strong seam.

The item is now finished.

There are, of course a few tricks of the trade, but you wouldn't expect me to tell you them, would you?

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