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As with all our luxury leather products, these items are handmade in England to order from the quality leather and luxurious lining of your choice. Please note that for silk linings there is a surcharge of £40.00.

If you have a particular item or design in mind - no problem we will make it for you.  Please visit our Bespoke Page for more information.

Our luxury leather products make excellent gifts, please see our Gifts Page for details of our complimentary Gift Service.

And finally, if you want your luxury leather item(s) personalised with silver or gold leaf please visit our Personalising Page.

Picture shows the front of a leather iPod / Mobile Phone PouchPicture shows back of iPod / Mobile Pouch with integral \belt LoopProtect your valuable phone or other item with a custom made pouch fully lined with integral belt loop.

Magnetically fastened.

Dimensions vary depending on those of what is to go inside.

Belt Loop standard opening approx 5cm but can be adjusted to your requirements

Price £250.00

Even without the ornate "golden" corners our Luxury English Handmade notepads are a bit special.  Made from the same leathers and linings as our wallets, card holders and purses they match perfectly and say something about who you are.

Includes lined note pad with approx 50 sheets.

Approx Dimensions (including pad) 13.5 x 9 x 1.25 cm

Price £250.00 plus £20.00 for ornate corners (2) if required.

Replacement Lined Pad £4.00

Our Luxury Leather Cheque book holders are essentially long versions of out Luxury Note Pad Covers.

Price £250.00 plus £20.00 for ornate corners (2) if required.

To order please select your leather and lining and click here.  We will need your cheque book dimensions in cm.

Our Luxury Pen Cases are essentially long, very narrow phone pouches (without the belt loop).

Price (unlined) £100.00.   Price (lined) £130.00

To order please select your leather and lining and click here.  We will need your pen dimensions in cm.
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