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  • Home Page

    Main Landing Page explaining that we make luxury bespoke leather wallets, credit card holders and purses as well as other items in England and by hand.

  • Card Holders Page

    Information about our luxury bespoke English Handmade Credit Card Holders which are available in different capacities and with different pocket / photo frame combinations.

  • Purses Page

    Details of the layout and configuration of our luxury bespoke English Handmade Purses and the variety of options available to you as a customer.

  • Wallets Page

    Choices available when you buy our luxury bespoke English Handmade Wallets, such as the number of Credit Card Pockets and / or Photo Frames.

  • Sundries Page

    As well as the Luxury Leather Credit Card Holders, Leather Purses and Leather Wallets that we handmake in England, we also handmake other luxury leather items, including, but not limited to Leather Note Pads, Leather Phone or Music Player Belt Pouches, Leather Pen Cases & Leather Cheque Book Covers.

  • Leathers Page

    Here we show you the Quality Leathers we use to make your luxury bespoke English handmade leather goods.

  • Linings Page

    Our chance to show off our ranges of Satins and Silks used to add an extra touch of class to our luxury bespoke English Handmade Leather Goods.

  • Bespoke Page

    In our case bespoke really means bespoke.  If you wish you can have a 100% unique item, having been designed by you and made from your choices of Leather and Satin or Silk Linings.  Tell us what you want and we will handmake it in England.

  • Order Page

    Actually the first in a series of three pages.  You will be prompted for all the information we need to process your order and move you one step closer to owning a beautiful Luxury English Hand Made Leather item.

  • Personalise Page

    This page has details about our personalisation service, available in Gold Leaf or Silver leaf.  You'll be amazed how much your Luxury English Handmade Leather Item becomes even more personal when it bears your initials or company logo.

  • Gifts Page

    Here you can find out about the free service available if you buy our Luxury Bespoke English Hand Made Leather Goods as gifts for friends, family, customers or just someone you want to impress.

  • Sitemap / Summary Page

    This page!

  • Shipping Page

    Information about our free worldwide shipping.

  • How It's Made Page

    For those who are interested (and many of you are) there is a brief outline of how we hand make your luxury bespoke leather goods here in England.

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